optometry services  Washington, DC
Here at idoc Optical, we know how important proper eye care is. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service so you can have the vision you deserve.

We truly believe in routine eye examinations so that you can see as clearly as possible. Once you have to get glasses or contacts, it is even more important to watch the health of your eyes. You also need routine checks to ensure your prescription has not changed.

To ensure good eye health and vision, we are very proud to offer the following services:


Astigmatism is one of the most common vision conditions, and most people have some form of astigmatism. It can be caused by an irregular-shaped cornea or an abnormal curvature of the lens.

Minor astigmatism may not affect your vision or require treatment. However, many cases cause blurred or distorted vision, which can result in pain and headaches. Typically, astigmatism is present with nearsightedness and farsightedness.

During your examination, we test for astigmatism using a phoropter and retinoscope, which both measure refraction.

Depending on the severity of the astigmatism, we can provide eyeglasses or contact lenses to help correct your condition. There is also a wide range of other solutions that may also work for you. We would be happy to discuss your options with you at your appointment.

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Comprehensive Eye Exams  Washington, DC

Comprehensive Eye Exams

On average, we recommend scheduling an appointment once every two years to ensure your eyes are remaining healthy. If you have been diagnosed with an eye condition, however, we recommend scheduling an appointment once or twice a year depending on the severity.

During your appointment, we will review your patient history, visual acuity, perform preliminary tests, and evaluate your eyes’ overall health.

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Computer Vision  Washington, DC

Computer Vision

Computer Vision is a relatively new term within the optometry field and refers to eye problems associated with the prolonged use of computers and electronics that utilize a digital screen. Although it can be temporary, there are times when computer vision can strain the eyes to a degree that permanently affects your vision as well. An existing eye condition can worsen as the eyes try to focus and adjust to a computer screen, and precautions should be taken if you spend long hours in front of a computer screen.

If you have been experiencing blurry vision, dry eyes, eye strain, headaches, neck or back pain, try adjusting the lighting, posture, and the distance in front of your computer screen. If computer vision symptoms persist, call us to request an appointment, we will perform a full evaluation.

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contact lenses  Washington, DC

Contact Lenses

Nowadays, most people prefer to wear contacts instead of glasses. If you are interested in contact lenses, please let your eye doctor know prior to your appointment. During your exam, we will discuss the various contact lenses available and determine the best option based on your individual needs and lifestyle.

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Dry Eye Treatment  Washington, DC

Dry Eye Treatment

idoc Optical is proud to offer dry eye treatment for our patients. Ocular Surface Disease, also known as dry eye, can occur from certain medications, naturally by aging, or as a symptom arising from systemic diseases such as Sjogren’s syndrome, Rheumatoid arthritis, or Lupus. If you have a minor case of dry eye, you may be experiencing irritation, excessive tearing, fluctuating vision, and/or a burning sensation in your eyes. Excessive dry eyes, or dry eye symptoms that go untreated, have the potential to damage eye tissue, scar your corneas, and impair your vision.

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Glaucoma  Washington, DC


Glaucoma occurs from damage to the eye’s optic nerve and can often lead to loss of vision and blindness. To detect glaucoma, our highly trained doctors will perform a proper screening to determine severity, examine the damage, and help you manage your glaucoma.

Early detection of glaucoma is crucial in preventing vision loss and blindness; the earlier the better. However, there is no official cure for glaucoma. There are several treatment methods that manage, slow down, or halt the process. Treatment for glaucoma will vary depending on the stage and severity for each individual patient.

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LASIK Co-Management  Washington, DC

LASIK Co-Management

LASIK stands for laser in-situ keratomileusis and is a popular surgery to correct vision problems. LASIK can help people who are nearsighted or farsighted, as well those who have astigmatism.

LASIK works by reshaping the cornea with a laser, which allows light to be correctly focused onto the retina. A laser is used to create a small flap in the cornea, which is peeled back so another laser can reshape the cornea. The flap is then placed back and the surgery is complete.

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Ortho-K  Washington, DC


Ortho-k involves temporarily reshaping the cornea through the use of specialized contact lenses, which are designed to be worn while sleeping. Although these lenses are not very common and most people still prefer laser surgery, this reshaping method is gaining more popularity as the procedure continues to be improved.

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Sports Vision  Washington, DC

Sports Vision

Sports Vision training involves high-level eye tracking, depth perception, and hand-eye coordination. Many athletes will practice these exercises to keep their eye health in peak condition.

There are various exercises and specific exams used for Sports Vision testing. Office and field tests can both help determine how your eyes will function beyond the realm of normal activity. We can customize a program to strengthen your vision based on your level of activity.

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Around 75% of American adults need corrective lenses to see clearly, and the vast majority of those people choose to wear glasses. If you’re ready for a new pair of glasses, make an appointment with Nastaran Golriz, OD, at idoc Optical in Washington, DC. Dr. Golriz provides comprehensive eye exams and offers a wide range of stylish frames. Call the practice or book online today.

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Eye Strain

Everyone experiences eye fatigue from time to time, but if you spend hours every day staring at a computer screen at work only to go home and watch TV, use a tablet or your smartphone, you may develop eye strain. The optometrists at idoc Optical in Washington, D.C. can diagnose eye strain and will offer advice and modifications to reduce eye strain and symptoms such as headaches, watery eyes, dry eyes, and blurry vision. Recent studies have shown that the low wavelength UV that emits from computer screens/smartphones and tablets has adverse side effects to the health of your eyes. You will benefit from a special form of an anti reflective coating that covers against the harmful blue light. If you live in the D.C. area, call or make an appointment online today.

As our eyes work like a camera, they have to bring the near objects in to focus by using the inside muscles. If they eyes stay in the mode for a length of time, they get strained and tired. The UV light from continual screen use can cause harm to the health of the ocular surface as well as the retina. By understanding how you use your eyes on daily basis and the number of hours on computers/tablets/smartphones, our optometrist can prescribe you appropriate glasses or contact lenses. We can also address any underlying cornea or surface conditions that can contribute to the discomfort and eye strain. Our doctors may prescribe you a separate pair of computer glasses and appropriate eye drops lengthy screen use.

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Eye Surgery

Eyeglasses have been a traditional solution for correcting vision problems for many centuries. When contact lenses arrived on the scene, they offered a new practical solution for restoring vision. Now an increasing number of eye surgery options have displaced glasses or contacts as the only solutions for healthy vision.

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Optometry is the health care specialty area that focuses on vision and eye health. Our doctors are experienced and compassionate optometrists serving patients at idoc Optical in Washington, D.C. We have extensive training and many years of diagnosing and treating vision impairment and eye diseases. If you’re looking for expert eye care in the D.C. area, call idoc Optical or make an appointment online today.

An optometrist is an eye doctor who has earned the Doctor of Optometry (OD) degree. Optometrists examine eyes for both vision and health problems, and correct refractive errors by prescribing eyeglasses and contact lenses. Some optometrists also provide low vision care and vision therapy. Optometrists in the United States also are licensed to prescribe medications to treat certain eye conditions and diseases. The scope of medical care that can be provided by optometrists is determined by state law.

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Red Eye

Allergies, a dry environment, and infections like conjunctivitis can all cause red, irritated eyes. Nastaran Golriz, OD, diagnoses and treats the conditions that cause red eyes at idoc Optical in Washington, DC. You can count on attentive, patient-focused care at idoc Optical. Call the practice or schedule a consultation online today for expert treatment and care for red eyes.

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